Falls Creek Outfitters

     Just a small sample of the many patches that we have been blessed enough to work on for some very talented craftsman in every line of work from custom bike frame builders to bag makers. So many outstanding designs and FCO is equipped to handle all of their needs...and yours! 

     We offer high quality embroidery products at a fair price while employing local individuals and doing the work from the our own family owned business and workshops. 

    Various backings are available from the traditional iron on to adhesive sticky backings and even the option for sew on only for product makers, so they can blend their patch design into their products. We also offer Velcro backings with both male/female sections. Are you looking for just Velcro male/female products cut to your specs without a patch? We can provide that as well. We also supply printed labels/tags. 

     FCO does not require a minimum order! We will work with you to get the correct number of patches you need for a price that will work best for you! We can give you guidance in areas of patch details if you are not familiar with the process and answers are an email or phone call away. 

     We have the ability to make patches up to a 14 inches. You will have options for varying % of embroidery coverage, Merrow, hot knife cut, or cut to fit borders with a design in any shape you want.  Check out our samples in our slideshow and let us know if you have any questions. 


​Check out some of our labels and products in action at the right! email us with a design and grab a free quote today at fallscreekoutfitters@gmail.com