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​​Fixed Gear Hooligans

left: Vic Polanski at the Highland Games. Not the untaped bars, The black stripes noted on the tires and rims to secure tubbies to the rims a bit more in the wild conditions of the tracks, and notice the grit and determination. These were the orginal Fixed Gear Hooligans! 

Left: This was the remnants of a horse track from many, many years ago. This sits about 1/2 mile from my home. Many years ago, I used to go to that track, and ride my Dawes bicycle around lap after lap, pushing hard, having fun. 

Falls Creek Outfitters

     Fixed Gear Hooligans started as a group of like minded individuals whom, at one time, were regarded as a bit "less" than the traditional cyclist in the sense. Yes, there was some biases against the typical "fixies" that ventured on the streets of many big cities, and YES, they still exist to this day and the fixies pedals keep churning! The single cogs buzz along, whether on a track, in a city, off road, or in the rurals of the world. 

     We're proud to continue the positive vibes that fixie riders pump out nowadays. Many a Fixed Gear Hooligan was born early on on the sport from the club path riders in Europe, to the grass tracks of the Carribean Islands, and the Highland games in Scotland. The early days were dicey with many a bump and run in the really had to hold your own! Keirin racing can be found in Japan. It's a high contact sport as well. These were and are some of the toughest riders on wheels...couple together those early days, they probably raced for meager prizes and more for the honor of being a true Hooligan. 

     Fixed Gear Hooligans wants to keep that spirit alive and well. So here we are....dicing about and having fun in the process. Nothing expensive is needed other than grit and dirt of spirit and soul. Keep it simple, and fun!